"American auto enthusiasts have long cried out for the return of the Chevrolet El Camino. The half-car, half-truck model departed from America in 1987, but it still thrived in The Land Down Under (where it was started), referred to by Australians as ‘utes’. Randy Reese, owner and operator of Left Hand Utes in Denver, Colorado, realized there may be a small niche market for utes in America, and began importing Holden ute bodies from Australia as parts vehicles, then combining them with General Motors vehicles from America, thereby making them legal to be registered in the U.S." - SAM MCEACHERN, GM AUTHORITY Magazine

A Special Thanks To DBA, Disk Brakes of Australia, Harrop, XForce, HSV Holden Special Vehicles, Megan Racing. Thanks for Your Support at SEMA!


LEFT HAND UTES - 10001 E. 75th, Unit B, Denver, CO 80229 - 303.287.9093