GM/Holden Ute now in America. On Sale at Left Hand Utes in Denver.


Full US Emissions Legal and Insured.  For the last two years, Left Hand Utes has been importing Utes into the U.S. and converting them to LEFTHAND DRIVE!



Our Left Hand Utes are converted by stripping the Ute to bare body. We replace the firewall and rebuild the car from components using all AMERICAN OEM parts from the Pontiac GTO, G8, or Chevy Caprice.


We DO NOT CHOP the front end of the Ute and replace it with another car. We feel there are serious structural issues in doing this and we do not want the liability in case of failure when welding 2 cars to make one car.


With our conversions, all the required safety features are working per factory specifications, such as, anti-lock brakes, seat belts and air bags. Our cars also meet USA requirements for emissions and anti-theft.



Are you able to convert a G8 or GTO into a wagon instead of a ute?

Yes, we can do the VY,VZ,VE,VF wagons


So my question is on these cars are you able to title in the states? I'm in Illinois and was just wondering if you could or would they be considered just for just off road use?

They all come with a clean clear Colorado title, and will pass emissions in all 50 states.


Looking for a vehicle that can be my almost daily driver and my transport vehicle for my Spyder.

Inside the wheel wells is 48" and the bed is 75" long.  You can carry around 1000 LBs in the bed.  Towing, around 3200 Lbs  or 4000LBs with trailer brakes.


What about insurance?

Most of the utes we have converted get insurance through. places like Chrome, Grundy or Hagerty. They insure them like a kit car or hot rod.


 I suppose the most important question is what does one of the utes cost, on average?

A VY/VZ start at $30,000  A VE starts at $45,000  A Maloo starts at $60,000.


 At 60k we can get a freakin brand new awesome 4x4 Ford F-150!

A brand new VF UTE SSV would be about 90k to 150k for a Maloo R8 VF.  You can't have a imported RHD that is 25 years young and keep RHD, the drive train has to be USA spec and so does the gas tank and head lights. If you buy a ute in Oz you need to prep it to ship remove all non DOT and EPA parts then put in a shipping ben and ship to Florida, that with Customs fees would average about 9k to your house, next you need to get a USA spec Holden to match the year of your Holden and of course needs to be V8, the average doner car is 6k to 9k. You have all the parts, now is the fun part.  You need pull out all RHD parts or just gut the whole ute to the body, change and weld the firewall, then wiring, then gas tank, door latchs, mirrors, headlights,  then install doner engine, and exhaust (ute's is longer). We at Left Hand Utes charge 20k for labor, that does not include paper work fees.


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